i was a teenage battle droid

you should be watching star wars: the clone wars, even if you're out of kindergarten, especially if you love droids!
"vous les hommes êtes tous les mêmes"
  • anakin skywalker shows more depth of character in the first three twenty-minute episodes of the clone wars than he does in all three two-point-five-hour prequel films combined. this confirms that -- though he may act like a teenage battle droid at times -- anakin skywalker is, in fact, an adult human being.
  • grievous: "is your transmitter working?" teenage battle droid: "i don't know, i haven't used it yet!"
  • the man-machine: the way this show presents battle droids, they'd pass all manner of consciousness tests with flying colors. (so would the clones.) they are delightfully self-aware! and yet, ahsoka calls these droids "tinnies" -- as though a "tinny" is a bad thing to be, but she's looking for artoo when she does that. how rude!
  • t.b.d. 1: "what a terrible shot!" t.b.d. 2: "ah, well. it's my programming."
  • for anyone who's ever wondered how any star wars heroes, ever, would manage without artoo, the clone wars explores that really early on. (spoiler: they wouldn't manage. they would whine and whine and whine unbearably until they got 'permission' to go get him back.)



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