read (2017)

in 2017, out of no particular number (for once)
(previously: 2016, 2015.)
  • the mismeasure of man (stephen jay gould)
  • the leopard (jo nesbø)
  • samskara: rite for a dead man (u.r. ananthamurthy)
  • cognitive development: its cultural and social foundations (a.r. luria)
  • my brilliant friend (elena ferrante)
  • the story of a new name (elena ferrante)
  • the discourse of advertising (guy cook)
  • those who leave and those who stay (elena ferrante)
  • the story of the lost child (elena ferrante)
  • black like me (john howard griffin)
  • carry on, jeeves (p.g. wodehouse)
  • the secret history (donna tartt)
  • post-scarcity anarchism (murray bookchin)
  • rebecca (daphne du maurier)
  • the man in the high castle (philip k. dick)
  • mary barton (elizabeth gaskell)
  • homage to catalonia (george orwell)
  • wuthering heights (emily brontĂ«)
  • nineteen eighty-four (george orwell)
  • the shepherd's life (james rebanks)
  • the abridged mahabharata (r.k. narayan)
  • measure for measure (william shakespeare)
  • brideshead revisited (evelyn waugh)
  • the kreuzberg sonata (leo tolstoy)

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